Happenings at Our Little Gem..


What a fantastic end to the week. I have been to the post office every day with parcels and doing some local deliveries.
I cannot tell you hand on heart how grateful I am for your continued support, your purchases are keeping me on my toes that's for sure. These are very difficult times and at times there are no words ...things are so 'up in the air' and we don't know what the future holds...I am one to err on the positive..small business now more than ever are finding it tough. I am so grateful that you haven't forgotten me. Thank you for embracing all the wonderful new additions to the Gem family.
I have had a few enquire about custom orders and I haven't forgotten about you. I promise I will get back to you by the end of the Easter break. At the moment, I have been a little preoccupied as many no doubt about what the future holds.
I tried to do a live this afternoon and decided to scrap it as I felt I wasn't in the right headspace. It has been an emotional couple of weeks for me for a whole lot of reasons. I have had to make a few decisions which I haven't taken lightly.
'My amazing hubby and partner pointed out, with a song mind you because that's something we have always done...as a family we LOVE our musicals. anyhow ...Grant pointed out "I'm still standing"..and you know what I still am and that is because we are blessed with great customers and friends in this little business that give us support and confidence to move forward.  And I am standing, better than I ever did....
This time last year I moved into the little shop at Newtown and wasn't that a journey- problems with the build, the fit out, a broken toe whilst moving - I have to laugh because it almost broke me. However, I am still here and moving forward because this is what I love. And without the support of YOU...it could not have come this far. As I move into the fourth year of My Little Gem it keeps evolving. This time because of COVID-19....
As the end of the first year lease was around the corner I made the decision to close the shop front. It wasn't a difficult decision because I have really been busy with commission work and it has proven to me that a retail front wasn't manageable because at this location I couldn't manage both. I have been running from shed to shop consistently. And because of drastic changes in how we live life I had consider how I was going to pay the overheads of my bricks and mortar shop.
Having said that I do love my shop where I get to hang out with you all and workshop and create. This is what makes me happy each and every day. This is set to change in a few months because there is always PLAN B...
So for the present, I have been loading and loading all the new homewares and gift lines to the website.
All purchases for your paint, finishes and all supplies for DIY along with any other gifts or homewares is from the website.
We will deliver locally only..NO PICK UPS are available. All shipping is as normal Australia Wide and for now it is - FREE SHIPPING until the end of April.
So in light of all of this - please do not hesitate to send me a message or an email or a text...I know that some of you may already be in self isolation. Please please please do not hesitate to ask any questions...
It has been a huge task moving the shop into storage and the new 'she shed' and setting this up whilst trying to continue with custom work.
I am coming to you via ZOOM very soon....Online workshops both fee based and free of charge. As we hopefully nip that virus in the bud we will be able to continue with some type of workshop activity. And I am so excited to be offering them at the Dinmore Cottage Tea House. It is such a calming and positive space along with all those yummy yummy treats...I will also be setting up my workshop on wheels once more. I have made some amazing friends and adventures on the road with our workshops. For now, this will be one on one only.....More information to follow...
So, what is Easter normally? For my clan it's camping. We go to 'camp' which is at Blenheim and the whole extended family and friends have been camping and creating fantastic memories for over 40 years. Sadly , this year that is not happening..I think that's possibly why my emotions are all over the place. This time of year holds special times and some sadness especially to those that are dearest to me. As we all 'stay home' this Easter, I sincerely hope that you can take a step back to relax from all of this 'new normal'. It won't be this way forever, we just have to adapt and personally I feel that is the most difficult for all of us.
Blessings to you and your family from me and my family...



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