Here I am on another Friday in My Little Gem living my dreams...
Five years ago I started what was a hobby come business where I did a bit of upcycling of furniture for myself, friends and then a couple of clients.
Almost 12 months later I took the leap and trust me when I say it was a huge leap that in actual fact burned me to the point that I was broken because it was simply unjust. In any case, my resilient self bounced back with determination. I knew that if I held my head up and showed I had back bone I would get through it.
I had two amazing years at Ellenborough St in the Ipswich CBD in the cutest and quirkiest little shop with remnants of the shoe shop glamour and style that customers could recollect and then embrace my take on eclectic, vintage & love all things Parisian and French. I made it work and the work kept flooding. Everyday I was exhausted but I jumped out of bed. The coffee was flowing from Rafter & Rose and Lisa was always there feeding me scones. With dear Craig always popping in to say hello and look out for me when I had to do a mad dash to the loo.
The time came to upgrade as the shop was too small and after a year I took on the shop next door and opened the studio...and then the Pizza Paint Nights started with so many new friendships made, opening the door to many new workshops, late nights working and the folk at the high rise next door keeping an eye on me...to my couple of uber drivers that would drive to my back door to pick me up so I wasn't walking down the lane way in pitch dark...good times and so many beautiful faces and memories..
Things grow as did I and my business. At this time I needed to grow and explore other possibilities....a new name was pending with a new location....however things took a turn as I was not coping physically trying to complete commission work and to have a shop full of works I had painted as I had in the beginning at Ellenborough St. And so I made the choice to close my shop front and operate as a working studio to do commissions only. I needed the opportunity to give my brain a rest as I was starting to feel really stressed. L'essentiel had announced it was up for sale and my heart sank, and so I decided to try new things. It was a great time for me as I took on a few opportunites. I needed the creative freedom and a bit of a break from retail.
Sam's at Newtown kind of died before it started. After reopening the shop with a new line of paint in Feb 2020 then Covid, then moving again because our lease negotiation was not going well...In any case...
Here we are....2021....Upcycled Treasure - Our Little Gem.....soon to be 'Treasure on Queen'
5 years in business
4 years in Bricks & Mortar
3 years with a website and online platform
Still here, still growing, some days are better than others in the retail game. And it is hard slog, the haters are always going to hate and that's their issue ( and those close to me will know and understand) I am not perfect and I make mistakes. I do the hard yards, offer the best customer service, go above & beyond, sharing knowledge, skills, advise and creative insight. That is who I am and that I why I am still here and in business....
Here I am and here is Treasure on Queen...
My family, Grant my rock, my shoulder, my funny ( sometimes bad jokes) guy, the man who has fixed things, painted things, stepped up in a workshop and told more bad jokes, fed us, driven us, and now the Coffee guy....he's not involved so much nowadays and you know why....without him I wonder at times if I would have pushed through.
My girls, who have worked in the shop for love. In the first year I worked part time at my other job and they filled in often running to their own jobs or uni. I raised them to be a 'doer' and so they are...they just do..we argue sometimes but in the end they are strong and independant women and they know how much I love them as a mama should.
SO I celebrate 2021 as the huge milestone from April until July....from when I started in business until the day I opened my door in Harrisville....what a ride ....the next few weeks will bring more celebration in the lead up to my first anniversary in Harrisville.
So many exciting activities and projects moving forward.....Thank you for sharing the love, your friendship, your kindness, your trust and encouragement....
Collectively, I feel you have prodded me when I needed it, been gracious and kind....my heartfelt thanks...lookout for all the exciting new graphics, information and changes...

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